Sunday, July 23, 2006

Welcome Home Your New Puppy

The First Thing on

the agenda

Please Dad, Mum, can we have a puppy

Op's, to late, your have already done that one.
After all who could have resist that loveable
bundle of  fur ??? After all the children just had
to have a new puppy, and didn't you have one
when you were young 
They just had to have a new puppy. 
If you have had one before its probable you
consider yourself the expert on puppy rearing.
Remembering the thrill of your first puppy, and
excitement when it was first brought home.
Its big sad eyes looking up at you, the urge to
pick it up and hug it. Perhaps this is your
dream puppy, the one you never had when
you were young. Your children are going to
have that special friend you were denied. It is
then the moment of truth hits you, how little
you really know about the welfare of this new
member of the family. Its now the fear of
realisation hits you as it makes its first little
mess on your new carpet The reality of the big
responsibility  of this new baby. Not a toy, a
member of the family, that needs the love and
understanding everyone else  needs. After all
it is hoped this latest member will be part of
the family for a long time. The good with the
not so good. But long after it has left you, there
will be the memories  of that little puppy that
will linger forever. Like a new baby, one of the
first things to do is to insure it is well protected
from diseases, which as with a little
baby means its first injections. Make an
appointment with your local veterinarian, he will
advise you on all the treatments your puppy
will need while growing up and in its later life.
Its also important that a young puppy is used
to be handled by your  veterinarian as it will
alleviate its fears if it need to return in
distressed circumstances.


The fun of Housebreaking your new friend. 
Yes we have our new puppy home, and while
at first it may even be funny when the first accident
on the carpet happens, realisation needs to
kick in right away that our new puppy needs
house trained.  The first thing we all need to
understand is that this six to eight week old
bundle of furs does not know the carpet is a
carpet, and see's nothing wrong in its actions,
its a little very frightened baby that needs
taught new behavior. The second thing to
remember, its hard to teach an old dog new
tricks, so training needs to start right away.
The most proven way is the punishment
reward method The new puppy isn't aware of
house rules so will relieve itself when needs
must.The poor souls only thought is its own
need to do so. Which is the easy option.Now
lets see what we can do about this. We want
to have a clean Home, so how can we achieve
it. Puppies will be puppies so to enable us to
keep house clean we need to understand the
puppy. What indication it gives  prior to the
mess and what brings  them on. Lets start with
stimulence due to playing, exercise or excitement.
With this problem lets try to play with the
puppy in a safe place, trying not to over excite
it.The next problem is the messier one. once
again understanding your puppy. After meals,
exercise and even playing or drinking. Seeing
it crouching or straining is the most sure way of
knowing. It is at this time you need to get your
puppy outside  by carrying it or walking it outside 
quickly, teaching it where to go when the need
overcomes it. The training is governed by
two things, how dedicated we are in watching
it and in knowing  that on the puppies side, it's
just complete convenience, meaning you need
to be in the right place at the right time. The
puppy is an animal of habit. Good habits last,
bad habits are difficult to change.
Congratulating it on a good job done will make
the puppy more co-operate and a little treat
will allow it to remember even quicker. The
more the puppy is helped in not making little
mistakes the more likely the training will be
quicker. Its not the puppy which needs to be in
the right place at the right time but ourselves.
Ever watchful.
When accidents happen its important you act
quickly by scolding the puppy, letting it know
by the tone of your voice you are not happy,
allowing the puppy to see your distain, and
swiftly removing it outdoors. Remember
puppies are like little children they will alway
try to get away with what ever they can. It is
you as the owner who needs to take charge,
you are no longer just the Mum or Dad but the
pack leader as well. Each breed of dog has a
different temperament, so its to late if your
puppy isn't what you expected. Some are vocal
others are highly strung or aggressive those
things you need to consider before bring it home.
If you want a peace full home choose a quiet
puppy. I am no expert on all puppies but there
are some things that work with them all. Like
humans they respond best to Love


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