Sunday, February 04, 2007

Puppy now read



Well now we have moved on from our

Puppy training to our Dogs behaviour.

As we have said before, please

remember that dogs ( infact all animals)

will push the limit at any given chance.

Yes its our responsibility to wind them

in at these points. Like children they

get carried away with what they are

doing. So our problem is where the cut

off point is. Where do we discriminate

between enthusiasm and recklessness.

At the same time we need to be cautious

not to distroy the spirit of the dog.

Dogs best respond to facial and voice

tone. To snarl when chastising your dog,

and using a pointed finger at it

reastablishes your control over the dog,

as the leader of the pack.

Remember, never, but never strick a dog

as this would have the worse effect

possiable, and instead of helping infact

worsen  your control over it.

Most animals respond to some love,

and strangely know when they are wrong

before you even say anything. The tail  

between the legs indicates submission,

and is its way of saying "I know".

So lets all enjoy our puppies / dogs and

maintain their spirit as well as our tempers.


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